Going to the Chapel.

We’re Engaged! Yay! This is such an exciting time and something that I have wanted for quite some time. I was not the little girl that dreamed about my wedding, but I did enjoy wedding planning once I found the man that I wanted to marry. Yes. Fine. I was that girl. I was the one that started wedding planning before I was engaged. But it’s been fun. I got a lot of inspiration for what I thought would make a beautiful celebration.

Here is what I knew (or what I thought I knew) prior to the engagement. I wanted a smaller, intimate wedding with close friends and family. The nice part about a lot of divorce is that you stopped caring about offending people a long time ago. I want a pretty dress. Something fitted, sexy, and classy. No sequins. No Kleinfeld’s exclusive. A water scene would be nice but I don’t want the whole feet in the sand thing. I will not get overwhelmed with wedding planning or lose sight of the meaning.

We have been engaged exactly 11 days and I have forgotten that last part at least 17 times. I have been overwhelmed. Overwhelmed by the excitement and overwhelmed by the cost of weddings. There is no such thing as something simple in wedding world. Luckily, I am marrying someone that I communicate spectacularly with. He is constantly putting me back in check. He is reminding me that the fancy party (even on the simple, smaller level) is not necessary. He is reminding me that this is about us and a gorgeous backdrop is not going to make our marriage more successful.

I swore to myself that I wouldn’t get wrapped up in all of this wedding hoopla but it’s happened. Now I have about 8 months to get it back in check. Because at the end of the day, I will have something far more important, far more coveted than any wedding checklist item… I will have a wonderful man. I will have communication. I will have trust. I will have fidelity. And I will have a partner that no price tag can fulfill. So while I will not let this blog turn into a wedding blog, I will ask that you all occasionally keep me in check. Together, we will remind each other what is really special about a wedding… the marriage.


6 thoughts on “Going to the Chapel.

  1. Brook- if it helps, you are not alone. Bryce and I have been talking about our wedding for months (so long in fact I figured I would have had a ring for months). I am quickly learning that a hypothetical wedding and reality are two drastically different things. So many things to consider that I apparently didn’t take into consideration or didn’t think would be a big deal. Quickly bryce’s idea for a quick and simple wedding is sounding more and more appealing (and I too am only 11 days in).

    • Thank goodness! It is so true that hypothetical planning and reality are SO different. We are paying for our wedding and while it always seemed like a lot of money, it definitely does when it is time to write checks. WOWsers! We’ll have to help keep each other sane. Won’t it be funny if we pick the same date too ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. so true that the balance of wedding planning bliss and the reality of the fact that it doesn’t make the marriage is a constant battle… at least for us girls anyway! my wedding day was by far the best day of my life- all the details of 6 months of planning had fallen into place- and on that day, the details seemed to be the last thing on my mind! i say, make it personal and true to ya’ll. joshua and i look back on our day and wouldn’t change a thing about it- simple and personal, yet the most beautiful day of our lives. i’m excited for you friend and love to talk wedding… so if you’re ever needing a listening ear for all the fun planning stuff, I’m here! Praying for you guys!

    • Thanks so much Hilary! That also puts it into perspective. I know when I go to weddings I feel the same way… its the feeling that is the most memorable. I will definitely take you up on your offer to vent or bounce ideas ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Congratulations Brook! I’m so happy for you both! Enjoy hovering over the details! Better yet, enjoy a glass of wine with Chuck while hovering over the details! It’s a one shot deal so enjoy every moment of the pre wedding day chaos. When your magnificint day comes the stress will be gone, your day will be perfect and all you’ll have is each other….forever ๐Ÿ™‚ Cherish the moments on your special day and remember..YOU are the wedding, not the flowers or the cake or the dress (well maybe the dress ;). Best wishes.

    • Thank you so much Holly! We are very excited. I know that at the end of it all, it will just be me and him and nothing else will matter. We are really excited. I am just in shock at the price tag for anything once you say the word “wedding.” We’ll make it work and whatever we do, I know it will be awesome!

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