At Last

Isn’t Etta James Stunning. As mentioned in yesterday’s blog, there has been a bit of engagement stress around our house. However, after some of your kind words and a fantastic evening with my fiance, I think I am feeling my feet firmly planted. This week in the therapy world is DEAD! Each year, I tell myself to take this week off and each year I forget and end up working these half assed days. Today was one of them. I saw two clients so on with the wedding planning. I made the first big decision/purchase of the wedding planning… The Dress. I know, I know. So soon. This decision is only second in line to the man, but like they say, When you know, you know!

So with all of this stress, elation, and mild traces of bridezilla, my fiance and I decided to have a quiet night in and talk leisurely about some of the wedding details. We lit some candles, boiled some tea, and hit Ray Lamontagne on Pandora (highly recommended!) We chatted about our elusive wedding “budget” and how we are going to save the money without putting ourself in financial jeopardy; we talked about the scenarios of merging our bank accounts; we talked about our vision and desires of a honeymoon; we reflected on how we want to include different people into our special day; we discussed possible dance songs as our playlist played on. We tossed ideas about when we will have kids. It was a wonderful evening. Romantic, sweet, healthy. This was what wedding planning is supposed to be about. It was a perfect balance of what we want the day to be and how it’s reflective of us as a married couple.

Tonight was the rebirth of my fairy tale wedding dreams. I dropped all of the societal expectations and preconceived judgments that others may have. I focused on my forever belief that it is about us committing our lives together and it being witnessed and celebrated with those that love us the most. I remember the significant details that I had dreamed about. And I feel so much better.

As we concluded our evening, At Last came ringing out over Pandora and in that moment, it was all clear.

First registry item… Turntable and Etta James.


7 thoughts on “At Last

  1. So happy to hear that you have found your “happy place” in wedding planning. Enjoy the process, it’s a priceless experience. Can’t wait to hear about all your decisions!

  2. Brooke – I think I am going to keep reading your blog throughout our wedding planning process, so I know someone else is going through the same stuff I am. I feel like making a decision about a wedding is harder than any decision I have ever made. (For me the dress decision is MONTHS away).

    At our house last night (after my little guy went to bed) we rediscussed size of guest list and food selection.

    • Yes… we will definitely need to share our frustrations together! I think the only reason I made the dress decision so quickly was because we had to look ASAP, given that my mom was in town and who knows when the next trip here will be and then I fell in love with a sample so had to act ASAP. I was running around like crazy for two days following, looking at every dress in Raleigh so that I felt good about it and finally bit the bullet. I am feeling good now but was very stressed up until then.

      Guest list has been hard. We have wanted to keep it extremely quaint but we have definitely had the “oh but what about this person…” We check out our first venue tomorrow 🙂 I’ll keep you posted.

  3. When are you thinking again? I feel like you are WAY on top of things – I am getting stressed hearing about the stuff you have done. I have my guest list almost complete (250 almost on the nose) and we know the feel of the wedding (including the type of food)…. but that’s about it. Send me an email – I want to see this dress! (maybe I should be sending you ideas – and you can give me your input)

    • We are shooting for Aug-Oct. It’s funny, I was maybe half kidding, maybe not, that I was going to go into wedding planning after this. Heck, I can already do the premarital counseling! I think ours is a little easier because we have such a little budget. We are footing the bill so we have to cut a lot of corners. Our guest list is at 85 and that was higher than intended. 250 is a whole different ball game! I would be super excited to give any input. My most important priority is preserving what is important to us as a couple.

  4. Totally agree -For us, having Logan already changes the ball game and the whole element of the wedding. We want our wedding to have more of a “family reunion” or in this case “family UNION” feel. Super casual, very family friendly, and very US. Sometimes I forget that i have to plan a wedding among the million other things that I have going on. Hopefully following you on your journey will keep my head in the game.

    We’re thinking early October – so weird if we were engaged and married on the same days!

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