Cheese. Wine. Ice Cream

Last Friday was the second meeting of a new networking group that I have started, Progressive Health Professionals of the Triangle. Our purpose: To meet like-minded individuals who believe that healthcare can be done better, differently. Our topic: The benefits of balanced nutrition and how to help our clients make the changes. We met at a location, fitting for our topic, Market. Local, organic, fresh, yummy.

The topic was great and the conversation flowed. We were a diverse group of therapists, nurses, personal trainers, and holistic care providers. The consensus was the importance in making regular changes in our diet and how to do it gradually. This is something that I have been working to change with my clients for a long time. We start with one place that we can change and we gradually shift. You know, like start with whole milk, cut down to 2%, then 1%, then skim. You can make similar changes all over your diet. If Chuck can do it, anyone can. A once firm steak and potatoes, or rather steak and bacon guy, is now part vegetarian.

However, there is always the importance of balance. Finding a nutritional plan has to fit you and your lifestyle. No meat might not be good for everyone. And cutting out all sugar for the sweet tooth lover is going to take a great pleasure away from them. There are three things that I will not compromise on. I will not cut them out of my diet. I will cut down, but will not cut out. Cheese. Wine. Ice Cream. (Not all at one time, necessarily). I love them too dearly to think of eliminating them from my diet. Sure maybe I could drop an extra size just by cutting these out. Yes, maybe my skin could be smoother or I will live an extra year. But the pros of keeping them outweigh the cons for me. I do not indulge in them everyday, and long ago are the days of eating a pint of ice cream.

What are the strides you have been making toward conscious eating? And what are your dealbreakers?


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