Things I have Blogged About and Didn’t Follow-through on… and other lessons in accountability

So I am almost embarrassed to admit those things that I have blogged about and haven’t followed through on. Ugh. It sucks to post your accountability for the world to read and inquire about and then, um, nothing. The feeling of shame is the worst. You just want to run and hide and ignore your flaws. But in this case, is the shame justified? Is it really tragic if I came up with an idea and didn’t complete it? Is the rest of the world going to look at me as some giant flake? (Well, maybe if you only know me through blog world).

So time to come clean. I have written two blogs about great, fun things, that I, myself have not complied with. The first, and maybe the most tragic one for me, was my Christmas CD. I didn’t send it. What? I have made this CD for like 6 years and a row and never got it out. I was feeling kind of grinchy all season and then when the proposal elated my mood, I got so lost in the excitement. I even talked about this teaser that would make it different. And no one got it. I feel sad about this because I have wondered who thought that they got axed from the card list. Sorry, y’all! I just couldn’t make it happen this year. Life got in the way.

And #2 was a recent post about a photo journal. Nope. Couldn’t make that one work yet, either. Here is what has gone wrong there. I’m not ready. I could take a pic and blog but I really want this to be a paper-hold-it-in-your-hand kind-of thing. It is nuts how electronic we are and how far away from the tangibleness of objects that we have gotten. I am so far away at this point that we don’t even own a printer at the present. So… in order to make this one work and be manageable, I would have to buy a printer and a journal/album before starting the project. I would also have to make the printing as easy as possible, like taking pictures on my phone and sending them to print. I don’t know. Still thinking. I just wasn’t prepared and haven’t take the time to get prepared. Bad? I don’t know. Maybe not. I still have time to start this project when my heart is in it. Maybe it makes sense to start when the passing of time because more obvious and previous. Maybe planning for it now and starting when a baby is born or a house is being built.

There are a host of things that I have been pretty accountable for: eating well, going to work, being present for my people (family, friends, clients)… umm hopefully there’s more. Plus there are those things that I wish I had a little bit of assistance with extra accountability: more networking, getting wedding fit.

As always, there is a need for balance. Forgiving yourself for the things that aren’t as significant, appreciating your accomplishments, and know when to ask for a little extra nudge. So, who’s ready to be my 6am workout buddy?


2 thoughts on “Things I have Blogged About and Didn’t Follow-through on… and other lessons in accountability

  1. you know I have no problem listen to christmas music all year around, so if you feel like burning one for me to get that feeling of accomplishment I am happy to help 🙂 As for printing pics from your phone, oh boy! I am a nerd, but there some amazingly cool products our there. Since you are in the market for a printer, make sure you get one that has Bluetooth or wifi and you can print directly from your phone. Neato! Now, about that 6am thing, I hate to day it, but I may be in.

    • I shoulda known to ask you the techy questions. Blue tooth, wi-fi, got it. Let me know when you’re ready to hit the gym. I have to start working on the class development soon 🙂

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