Mindfulness of Water

Each Thursday I lead a DBT skills group. We start each group with a brief mindfulness segment. This helps to increase our mindful practice, help us get centered for class, and increase our personal awareness of ourselves and of the subject of mindfulness.
My selection process is often based off of what I need that day, how I would best be centered for teaching. Today was no different. I have been on the go like crazy lately which has gotten me distracted from necessary water intake. I often cannot consume water throughout the ay because of my tiny bladder and demands of my job, so I have to make a conscious effort to consume at the beginning and end of the day. This usually works for me.

However, that morning, I realized that I hadn’t had more than 5 oz of water the previous day. Ugh! I have often advocated the benefits of proper hydration extending from clear skin, regulating body temperature, and suppressing appetites, all the way to disease prevention due to the regular flush of toxins.

I had several people in group struggle with this activity, declaring, “I am not a water drinker.” Just like all mindful practices, we have to practice not judging the things that we don’t like. We have to approach this as something brand new. It is if we have never experienced water before ever. We can drink slow, drink fast, feel the water in your mouth, your throat. Then check in with your body, your mind. Acknowledge the subtle shifts.

Try it. Take your time. Feel the clarity of the water in your mouth as it floats down your throat. Try chugging a few ounces. Notice.


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