Getting Over the Fitness Hump: Fitness Excuses Debunked

I have heard about a million different reasons as to why someone cannot workout. While their presentation may be different, their message is all the same.

Here are the Top 6 Fitness Excuses Debunked:

1. “I’m just not seeing the results that I want and am losing motivation.” Workout for health rather than weight loss. When you use health as your motivator, the pounds will come off too!

2. “I hate to exercise. It’s boring.” Find an activity that you enjoy doing: yoga, weight training, run outdoors, play a sport, take a dance class, swim, bike, hike, etc. There are a ton of different options. Try them all until you find something that is a good fit for you.

3. “I hate going to a stinky gym. All of the machines are full or broken.” The environment can be just as important as convenience. If you don’t like going there, you won’t. Take into consideration how someplace makes you feel when you are making your fitness selections.

4.  “I don’t have time.” Make it a routine, like brushing your teeth. Find days and times that work well for you and stick to it. By taking the time to workout, you actually will create more time for yourself with your added energy.

5. “I know me. I won’t do it.” Find some form of accountability. Sign up for a class. Hire a trainer. Workout with a friend. Make yourself accountable.

6. ” I can’t afford it.” Your fitness budget is an investment in your life. Spending the money now will save you tens of thousands of dollars on doctors’ visits, prescriptions, and even therapy.



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