Planning a Getaway!

Chuck and I have been together for nearly four years. And in this time, we have never take a trip that has been meant for the sole purpose of us getting away. We have visited families, attended weddings… OK mostly those two. We have left Raleigh together, but never just a romantic getaway. You see, this completely boggles my mind given that merely three years ago, I traveled regularly, growing up as an airline brat.

There have been many circumstances that have prevented us from traveling, all which probably stem back to money. But we are finally entering into a little breathing room. Nothing to write home about, but a small cushion. And we need this. Bad. We are both working like crazy, building businesses, he coaches lacrosse, I have Girls on the Run, and we seem to be missing each other. When we do see each other, it is a debriefing, catchup, share a couple laughs, then onto the next thing.

So we have decided. It is time. We need it. We deserve it. We are taking a getaway. I am elated just looking up different places to go and thinking of the opportunity to just be. Be a couple. Be in the moment. Be away. I know that we are going to experience the struggles of compromising the expense. How much do we spend? Can we really afford it? Should we split the trip by also visiting friends or family? Should we spend that much?

In my initial research, I have tiered it:  A low, medium, and high category. We will probably end up in the low category, picking a modest resort in the southeast that we can drive to. That’s OK. I have a good feeling that this will be the long awaited warm up to resuming our passions for travel. 


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