How Earth Day is Connected to Your Health

It’s no secret that when dealing with your health, we all crave a mind/body/soul approach. This is because we acknowledge that they are all connected. We are one person with each component relying on the next. If you are experiencing depression you are more likely to experiencing aches and pains; if you are experiencing aches and pains you are more likely to experience symptoms of depression. Well the mind/body connection is not the only thing that is connected to our health. The environment is also deeply connected with our health.

I think the information regarding the health importance of eating whole, natural foods is starting to hit the mainstream. This is not just good for the body, it’s good for the planet. Eating fresh, natural ingredients protects the earth because it puts less demand on mass production, chemicals, pesticides, and chemically produced ingredients. It decreases demand on shipping and stocking. Being conscience about the animal products we eat is also important. When we decrease our dependence on animal consumption, we decrease the need for hormones that are injected into the animals.

With gas prices climbing upwards, we are financially motivated to find other means of transportation. Walking and riding bikes are not just a great way to exercise, they are a great way to get from here to there. By making a decision to walk more, drive less, we are not just feeding the environment, we are pleasing our bodies.

Everything is connected in our world. We work better when we are in cooperation with our body, our mind, our community, and our earth. It awakens an emotional sensation that is positive and good. When we help someone, see an act of kindness, or contribute to our health in a positive way, we are happy.

Live in cooperation with your Earth today.


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