When Road Rage Might Be OK… and other releases of anger

Who here is guilty of the occasional road rage? One, two, three… Wow, most of you. Yes, it happens from time to time. Someone cuts us off and we want to give them the finger. The jerk in front of you keeps speeding up and slowing down and you want to ram into the back of their car, swearing profanities. Yeah, you tell ’em! I know we have all seen how and why road rage can be very bad. We have heard the horror stories of road rage. However, for the common folk, road rage might not be all that bad.

Anger is a very healthy emotion. It is natural and normal just like happiness or boredom. What may not be so healthy about anger is how we project it. Often times, the people that we love can be in the path of our anger and we can hurt them with an explosive temper. But, we shouldn’t bottle up the emotion. We do need to let it out from time to time. Preferably, in a healthy, controlled way where no one that we care about is the target.

So, when it comes to a little road rage, there are times that it can be healthy. Now, we don’t want to follow the person to their destination and have a confrontation. We don’t want to rear-end them or cause any danger to ourselves or others. However, a little foul language never really hurt anyone (especially if you’re alone). Road rage, when contained, can actually help you release some of the anger that you are holding in. Yelling at someone that you don’t know, who can’t hear you, and who you will probably never have any interaction with again, can actually help you get out any anger, stress, or frustration that you may be carrying with you.

There are other outlets for anger as well. Some of us may have a very physical response to anger. We can feel it in our body. So we may need a physical outlet. Other recommendations are explosive or endurance exercises: running, kickboxing, tennis, baseball, etc. These are perfectly healthy ways to manifest your anger.

The next time you are feeling pent up on your way home from work, don’t feel bad about cussing out the guy that cut you off before you get home.


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