Feet Firmly Planted: A Mindfulness Exercise

Do you ever get that feeling that the world around you is surreal? It’s almost like you are floating through the world, slightly (or immensely) disconnected. It’s eerie. And pretty uncomfortable. We like to be attached to our world, to our life. Try this mindfulness practice when things around you are feeling a bit out of sorts.

Sit with your eyes clothes. Take three deep breaths. Focus on each breath. Inhale. Exhale.

If a thought creeps in, acknowledge it, and return your focus back to your breath.

Bring your awareness to your body. Notice your body in your chair. Notice how and where your body connects to your chair.

Envision how the chair is planted onto the floor. And the floor is within a room.

Imagine the room within the building structure that you are in. And the building structure within a neighborhood.

See how far out you can carry this exercise. When your mind is no longer able to conceptualize the depth of space, then bring your mind back down the same path until you are with yourself, in a chair, breathing.



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