The Cost of Mental Healthcare

There are some strong opinions when it comes to mental health treatment. Some people are all for some meds. Others would rather try every option before medication. Some people see therapy as a natural, healthy treatment option. Others believe that talking doesn’t help. The good news is that there are a lot of options when it comes to treating and caring for your mental health.

For most people that are experiencing situational mental health symptoms (meaning that your mental state is to due specific circumstances in your life), medication is not necessary. It is an option, but one that should be monitored carefully for effectiveness and side effects.

No matter what your preferred mode, treatment is not cheap. The bills can really add up. It is not only important to know what your options of treatment are, but also how much they cost and how you would like to divi those costs. The average price of one name brand psychotropic prescription for one month is $150. Let’s see how else we can spend $150 in one month:

  • 1-2 therapy sessions
  • 10 yoga classes
  • 2-3 personal training sessions
  • 2-3 massages or other spa treatments
  • 1 meeting with a homeopathic physician (and probably recommended supplements)
  • Art or cooking classes (prices will vary)
Now get creative and see how you can mix and match services based on your needs and level of stress. This is your mental health. And, just because it is Women’s Health Week, I will help get you started! All health assessments are free this week! And, all health coaching sessions that are purchased over the next three months are 20% off! SO spread the word, and let’s celebrate this health week together!

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