15 Ways to Accomplish Your Wellness Goals

Motivation is so hard to find. We know that a healthy lifestyle is good for us, will give us energy, help us live longer, but it is often hard to maintain on a daily basis. Here are wellness rules to live by:

    1. Go to bed at the same time every night.
    2. Workout mindfully, even if your workout time is shorter.
    3. Take a minimum of 10 minutes everyday to sit in silence, listening to your thoughts.
    4. Drink water, fresh clean water.
    5. Stay away from beauty ads and “health” magazines that emphasize your physique.
    6. Cheerlead yourself. Give yourself a daily compliment.
    7. Breathe deeply.
    8. Keep a food diary. Notice the foods that bloat you, don’t feel you up, or cause indigestion.¬†Monitor your emotions when you’re choosing your foods.
    9. Ask for help.
    10. Smile.
    11. Take a multi-vitamin.
    12. Take breaks throughout your day. Clear your head and reset.
    13. Get sunlight.
    14. Have regular sex in a trusting, committed relationship.
    15. Build a trusting relationship with a health professional.

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