What Not to Wear to the Gym

  1. Clothes that don’t fit. Don’t wear anything that is overly baggy or too tight. Wear clothes that fit comfortably.
  2. Perfume or cologne. This is not the place to wear your favorite smells. When you workout your senses (especially smell) are heightened and your cologne or perfume will always come off too strong. Save the spritz for after the shower.
  3. Your nasty sweats. Don’t wear your grubbiest clothes to the gym. Find gym clothes that are flattering and cute. We want to feel good and empowered when we workout, not insecure that we are looking our worst. Save your worn in sweats for a rainy day in.
  4. Makeup. Now I am one that will still have a little of the day’s makeup on if I go and workout after work. I will usually splash a little water on my face to loosen the makeup. However, do not apply fresh makeup to go to the gym. Go to the gym with the intention of sweating and ditch the worries of smearing.
  5. Old sneakers. Shoes are the number one cause of workout related injuries. Make sure that your shoes aren’t too old (they should be replaced every 6-12 mos) and are appropriate for the activity your doing. Don’t be afraid to try barefoot workouts!

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