Hipster Workout Mix

I sort of laugh at how old I am sometimes. I find myself saying, “kids these days,” often, and seriously meaning it. I don’t understand many issues of youth and can’t keep up with pop culture. I’m OK with it. I have redirected my attention to things that matter to me and really love it. However, I have sort of developed a secret crush on the “Hipster” culture. I think I have always had that side of me, we just didn’t call it hipster “back then.” It was artsy, grunge, or emo. But now that I am down with the lingo, here is a great workout mix for those with a secret (or open) love of all things hipster.

  1. Naive… The Kooks
  2. I Feel it All… Feist
  3. Heartbreaker… MSTRKRFT + John Legend
  4. Back in Your Head… Tegan and Sarah
  5. Hurricane Drunk… Florence and the Machine
  6. Holiday… Vampire Weekend
  7. Is it any Wonder… Keane (Tall Paul remix)
  8. Rumor Has it… Adele
  9. Prefect… Mason and Princess
  10. Desperate Guys… The Faint
  11. Sex on Fire… Kings of Leon
  12. Big Jumps… Emiliana Torrini
  13. The Way I am… Ingrid Michaelson

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