The List: 30 before 30

Right around my 29th birthday, I was completely inspired when a close friend of mine created her 30 before 30 list. I loved the idea, the principle, the small goals. I felt beyond privileged that I was included in not 1, but 2 items of her list. 30 is an important year for most, but I think especially for professional women. I have thought often about what I would want to accomplish in my next year.

I could never get my list right for me. There weren’t items that were achievable, within my control, fun, inspirational, reflective of me… My list was lame. It included things like: get married, open Blissful Mind Wellness, travel more… yeah that was about it.

You see, I was always able to balance out the things I hadn’t achieved with the things that I had achieved. For instance: I thought that I would be married by 30 but I didn’t think that I would own a house by 23; I thought that I would be further along in my career but I didn’t know that the economy would tank; I miss traveling and wished I had discovered more places but I took my flight benefits for granted when I had them.

I had often reflected on my friend’s list: make an unexpected gift for a friend (which she did for me) and let someone pick a book for me to read (which I did for her). However, I could never do any of those. EVER. I have zero creative ability, and I am VERY particular about what I read. No chiclit for this mama.

As the big 3-0 approaches, I have suddenly become more sentimental about it, more nostalgic. What represents me? What do I want to do in my final Summer before 30. And suddenly the ideas have been streaming in.

My list is not the urgent rush to accomplish everything that I thought that I would do before 30 (which were my initial plans for a 30 before 30). My list is not a random checklist (which I thought I would need in order to create a 30 before 30). My list is a compilation of: 1) things that are relevant to my life now 2) things that I feel are inappropriate or less appropriate to do beyond 30, and 3) Things that I want to carry into my 30’s and beyond. So, here goes it. My list. My 30 before 30 in just over 90 days. I am gonna need your support!

  1. Learn to surf
  2. Send a hand written letter to my favorite people just to tell them so
  3. A girls night out of dancing with reckless abandon
  4. Go skinny dipping
  5. Become a certified yogi
  6. Climb a tree
  7. Paint something, like a picture, and accept it when (or if) it’s terrible (are you feeling my lack of creativity yet)
  8. Go camping
  9. Learn a healthy(ish) and amazing peanut butter cookie recipe
  10. Keep a bottle of bubbly in the house at all times, celebrate, and repeat
  11. Have a throwback girls’ slumber party (think Girl Talk— complete with zit stickers— mixed with Boones Farm but WAY cooler)
  12. Run an 8 minute mile
  13. Throw a tacky theme party– preferably a So You Think You Can Dance Finale Party
  14. Say hello to each one of my friends on Facebook (curently at 467)… and if I don’t want to, delete em
  15. Open Blissful Mind Wellness (the center)
  16. Go to a water park or theme park
  17. Make out in a car, a movie, a dressing room or someplace inappropriate (with my handsome fiance, of course)
  18. Run through the sprinklers
  19. Create prayer space, whether it be physical space in my house or designated space in time
  20. Take a shot or two at a bar with friends during the day
  21. Buy a pair of INCREDIBLE shoes
  22. Attend one of my favorite concerts. Sing during the whole thing
  23. Do the splits
  24. And a back walkover
  25. Purchase lingerie that embraces my gorgeous & natural curvature at 30
  26. Read a ridiculously long classic, like Gone with the Wind or  Atlas Shrugged
  27. Find a penpal or Twitter friend from France (my roots that I have suddenly felt most connected to)… if only I could go visit
  28. Write my fiance a love letter
  29. Drink an amazing bottle of expensive wine
  30. Get a tattoo… It’s now or never, but this is a big maybe!

6 thoughts on “The List: 30 before 30

  1. Count me in on 3 & possibly 8. I can help u with 9 & if u havent already read Les Miserables – that will cover 26 – I have a copy that is both ridiculously long & French!! Love the list! Have fun.

  2. This made me smile, and miss you! Again, you have inspired me the way you have so many times through the past 15 years! I still remember our Boones night!

  3. i got you on 3,6,8,11, 17 no no not 17, and I’ll totally spot you on 24! oh and DO NOT Read Gone with the wind. I watched the movie finally,I hated it. I can reenact it for you in about 5 mins and save you about 4 hours of your life to cross out some other things 🙂

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