Welcome to the Summer: Gym Closed

Say what? The gym is closed for the Summer? The hottest, most dreadful months in North Carolina? Yup! Lots of rumors have surrounded the closing of the gym that I have been going to for the past year and a half. I don’t really care, why, just care that it is happening. The gym is relocating to another spot downtown and will be closed for 3 months in the transition. You can’t cancel because they are encouraging you to hit one of the other locations at least 20 minutes away from me. Not cool. So I am up at 6am blogging instead of sweating.

I am really at a loss of what to do. We are pinching pennies these days until the opening of Blissful Mind Wellness center and we get some of our wedding deposits in. So, joining another gym or working out exclusively at a fitness studio seems unrealistic. Only being able to run outside when it is 90 degrees and 80% humidity (at 7 am) also is not a good option for me. And I have never been one that will stay motivated with an at-home workout. But sitting on my couch and blogging first thing in the morning is not how I want to spend my next three months (although it is quite enjoyable).  The timing for this couldn’t be worse, either. Not only am I getting ready for a wedding, but I also have my 30th birthday in September. And with luck and prayers, Blissful Mind Wellness could be open in the next 2-3 months (with amazing fitness classes that will solve these woes).

So what do you all do to stay fit? How do you switch up your workouts? What kind of a fitness budget are you on? I am open to your suggestions!


One thought on “Welcome to the Summer: Gym Closed

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