First Accomplishment: Run Through the Sprinklers

If you haven’t seen it yet, I have created a 30 before 30 list. My personal scavenger hunt of 30 things that I would like to accomplish before my 30th birthday, a little over 3 months for now.

This morning, Chuck and I did a little neighborhood run. It was cool out but pretty humid. My running has definitely fallen by the wayside since our marathon last November. A few months ago, I was excited about getting going again, but no such luck. My head and heart are somewhere else. I get my 1-3 miles in here and there but not much beyond that.

However, he talked me into it this morning. There are several loops that you can make around our neighborhood. We/I decided that we would take the shorter version. That sounds all good but that route also has the most treacherous uphill climb at the end. As we approach the final house on the hill, I see that they are watering their lawn (and the sidewalk). I was prepping for my route around when I remembered, “My List! Yay, let’s run through.” I don’t think that was what I had in mind when I wrote it. I think I was thinking more of a bikini, pigtails, and playing in the front yard. But, that’s silly. I am a grown woman, with HOA fees that include a pool. If I want to cool off in the Summer, I will go there. This, though, was completely fitting. It was crisp and provided the relief that I needed from the humidity. Note to self: don’t run around the sidewalk sprinklers; Run through them!

18. Run through the sprinklers. Done!

An update on the rest of the list: I have started reading Gone with the Wind, attempted my first batch of PB cookies, making plans for an art project, and hoping to write a letter of intent for Blissful Mind Wellness this week!


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