Indoor vs. Outdoor Workout

I am over the moon about my workout this morning. This is the first in over two weeks since the great inconvenience of my gym closing for the Summer. I have been all over the place about what to do in the interim. I have checked out a few of the other local gyms and not impressed. I’ve worked in the gym industry and they aren’t always uber-accommodating. It’s a little frustrating with the potential of Blissful Mind Wellness being open in a few short months. I don’t want to get into a commitment that isn’t easy to get out of.

I’ve talked about the idea of swimming for awhile. I used to swim and love it. I was a fish as a kid and can remember how invigorating and exhausting a day at the pool, beach or swim lessons felt. I haven’t done it in a while so I suppose nerves and laziness have kept me from diving in, literally. But, I had a flexible morning so decided to give it a go. No expectations on myself or the activity. (That always seems to present the best outcomes, doesn’t it?)

I wore a regular bikini rather than my racing suit just to minimize any pressure, walked over to my pool, goggles in hand and hopped in. I took it slow with the classic freestyle. I listened to the water and my breath. I watched in awe of the synergy as my body and the water cooperated effortlessly to push me forward. I felt relaxed. After a couple of laps, I gave in to a few flip turns, focused on my form, and bumped up my speed. I was in heaven. A workout that didn’t cause mental work. My yoga in water.

Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed this workout. I also became excited about the possibilities that surrounded it. The empty pool deck also gave great space as a sun sals platform. I stretched briefly with a short and simple flow. I think I can do this. I think short runs around the neighborhood, 20-30 minutes in the pool, and a brief yoga session is the perfect balanced start to my morning. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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