Blissful Mind Wellness: A Labor of Love

Have you ever wanted anything so bad that you can see it in everything that you do? Where it almost becomes you? You visualize it, plan it, fantasize about it. You might fall asleep thinking about it and wake up with dreams from it. Yeah, that has been what Blissful Mind Wellness has been for me. My labor of love.

I have been working on the concept of Blissful Mind Wellness for 6 years. It almost freaks me out when I say it out loud. I have that momentary questioning, like, “6 years, really, and you still haven’t made it happen?” But then I return to my solace that 6 years has prepared my body, mind, and soul for this Body/Mind/Soul business. I know far more about health and wellness and the effective integration of the various components. My integrity as a professional and compassion for people has also grown exponentially.

This idea stemmed from internal reflection when I realized simply that I feel better about myself when I workout. I felt more confident, energized, and happy. And when I felt better, I worked harder, which would generate even more positive emotions. From there I thought about how great it would be to have various services under one roof. So I went back to school for therapy, worked as a personal trainer, and learned about these two fields. My initial hypotheses were correct because I was seeing it in my clients. I started to realize how my clients responded to a positive relationship with someone that listened to them (at the gym) and how important it was for health professionals to connect and build trusting relationships with their clients/patients. More research. More hands on learning. I finished school and paid my dues on the credoentialling path. Then, a little over a year ago I decided that it was time to build the brand and seek funding for the project. I looked for government grants and while scrutinizing, found the Pepsi Refresh Project. Pepsi for wellness?? Hmm. Well, I wasn’t one to sacrifice this project because of my personal judgements about the negative consequences of soda. I gave it a go and boy, was it more emotionally draining and more frustrating than almost anything else I had experienced. The problem was that the world was not paying attention to the project; only the participants. Sadly, selling your soul to the devil wasn’t Pepsi, it was participating with these other “do-gooders” that weren’t playing by the rules. At this point, I focused on getting my licensure and building it on my own.

About 4 months ago, I had a crisis happen at work. It was one that I couldn’t have prevented but never wanted to experience. I was already burnt out of community mental health and after prayer and personal support, I realized that it was time to press on with this wellness center. Since, then I have been diligently focused on opening Blissful Mind Wellness, the reason I went into this field. I have imagined so many different dimensions of the space, services performed, and connections made. I have articulated a mindful fitness program, created integrative wellness plans, and cheerleaded a progressive health model that doesn’t exist in the real world. I have researched loans, talked to financiers, and negotiated on more than one space. I have felt elated and defeated, hopeful and hopeless. Blissful Mind Wellness has felt like my equivalent of Bipolar II Disorder.

Most recently, I had found a space that was only shy of perfect. Lots of natural light, urban and industrial but clean and invigorating. I allowed myself to fall in love, get emotionally invested, which is always Chuck’s number rule when real estate shopping- DON’T get emotionally invested. But, again, we lost the space. Their current tenants want to renew the lease for a bit so they are keeping them.

So it’s back to the drawing board. Keep looking for space. Keep shopping for investors. Keep pressing on.

I cannot lie. I had more than one moment today where I felt beat down and questioning if this is what I am supposed to be doing. I have prayed and practiced the principles of The Secret. I have worked diligently and have the best of intentions. So, I have therefore, questioned, why. Why isn’t this working? Why aren’t things coming together? What am I doing wrong?

I had a meeting tonight with someone, a potential investor, who loves fitness, loves what it has done for him physically and emotionally. He was excited by the concept of Blissful Mind Wellness and saw the innovation. And again, I know that I am on the right path, because Blissful Mind Wellness is not my company, it is our company and we’ve worked too hard to quit now.


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