Blissful Mind Wellness: Hybrid coming July 2011

First, let me say Thank You! If it wasn’t for your support, love, and words of encouragement, I would’ve thrown in the towel a while ago. Many of you already know about the heartaches that I have had this week from my Labor of Love post. Well, I didn’t share the plan B that I was working on in the short run.

Giving that location has been becoming an issue and even if we find the perfect spot, there is still going to be a bit of turn-around time, I had started to create an interim plan. I figured that if we weren’t able to get into the center this Summer, then I had to do something to take the next step. So, starting July 1 I will be taking space for my therapy practice in downtown Raleigh. I will be in a gorgeous, historic home at 612 W Lane Street, just off of Glenwood South. The great part is that two of the other suites are already occupied by massage therapists, so I know that the integration is meant to be! On top of that, we will be starting up the mindful fitness program. Classes will be held in both, a creative space off-site and either Nash Park or on the lawn of the Capitol. So feel free to join us for one class or to sign up for one of the wellness programs. Keep checking the website and your emails for additional info.

This wouldn’t be possible without Love so thanks for donating some of yours!


6 thoughts on “Blissful Mind Wellness: Hybrid coming July 2011

  1. You are an amazing young woman and I am thrilled to see your goals are coming into focus for you. You WILL achieve your hearts desire and success will be yours. Hard work pays off…don’t ever give up and don’t quit…my prayers for you are being answered!! YEA! Love you, Gram

  2. Congratulatons Brook! I wish I lived closer to I could see all your hard work put into action! It is such a motivation to hear and read about someone who is so steadfast to living, breathing, being their mission in life. Good luck!

    • Erin, thank you so much for your kind words. It has been a Labor of Love for sure. If I didn’t believe so fully that this was what people (particularly women) were crying out for in terms of healthcare, I would have moved on.

  3. Hi Brook!

    Hope buisness is coming along well.I miss seeing your cheery smile every Tuesday and Thursday.I’m swimming now! I won my first heat yesterday.


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