I am Enough

The past two weeks… err… two months have been scurry, scurry, scurry. I have been balancing my contract job, private practice, and next steps for Blissful Mind on top of love, life, health. I use the word balance loosely because the first three are definitely outweighing the last three. It is not uncommon to throw my life out of balance for the greater good of the big picture. This is one of those times. The problem with that is when I neglect my health and happiness, I neglect the greater good. When our life is out of balance, we become more vulnerable to toxicity — viruses, emotions, thoughts. And this evening is one of those times. I have neglected my workouts the past few days and haven’t been sleeping well. So, I am having a moment of questioning. Is this the right thing? Will it work? Am I good enough? Just the mere questioning can throw you down the rabbit hole. I know that. But I am having a moment, so to speak. I try to value these moments. It’s in these moments that I review my plans, review how I am different, and then tell myself that I am Enough.

This is my mantra.


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