Acceptance: My Message in a Bottle

I know that I am a bit behind on my blog updates lately. I have been a busy lady! However, I did want to share some of the new art work that is in my office.

A few weeks ago, my friend Lauren had a few girls over for dinner. It was a Monday night and we were mostly in sweats (remember this is 30 before 30 and not 22 before 22). She had hinted before I got there that she had a present for me. A present? For me?? It wasn’t my birthday. I couldn’t remember any other random reason to receive a present. But, shoot, I’ll take it! Yay! I love presents! When I arrived, Lauren had a small watercolor set, plenty of paper set up on an easel, and even a bit of inspiration. It was so incredibly thoughtful. But, I had mixed emotions. I wasn’t prepared to paint a picture in front of people that I didn’t know or didn’t know well. I wasn’t even really prepared to tell them about this little venture. This is one of my greatest insecurities. But, it was so nice of Lauren and I didn’t want to dismiss the gesture. So, after a glass of wine, I dug in (or dipped in). I started by imagining some ocean scene. I played with that for a while and could not get to an acceptance stage so moved on. Lauren had a flower in a vase as inspiration. She nudged it closer. But, still, I knew that I needed something simple. Simpler than that. So, I proceeded with a pencil and gently started outlining a wine bottle that was in front of me. Don’t judge. We all have our muse.

I suppose the bottle went a bit deeper for me. And I think that is what I wanted too. Something with meaning. Most recently, I have been romanticized by a message in a bottle. They were going to be our party favors when planning wedding #1. And if I were to go as far as to name my little creation, that would be the name. I also have another wonderful story about a “message in a wine bottle,” but this one was called Hope. So, other than a bottle being fairly harmless to sketch out, there was my inspiration. The process of painting was actually a lot of fun. I tried not to take myself too seriously and was really able to just play. It was also a task that allowed me to really focus my mind. Dismiss all of the woes of the day. Just be. Now, onto the final stage of my create something… Accept it. Now that is a toughy. I have always been extremely embarrassed by my artistic ability (not my singing or dancing, of course). So that is where I am now. Learning to accept it. Accept what is not perfect. Accept my weaknesses. Embrace them, even.

Here is where you will find my Message in A Bottle. On the mantle in my new office. It is a constant reminder to me and a lot of what I work on with clients.



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