Yesterday morning I was in a car accident. It was a pretty typical Saturday morning. I had just finished making my grocery list and was headed to yoga, then Whole Foods. I had been doing a little yoga reading earlier that morning in preparation for my teacher training next weekend and was really looking forward to practicing.

I headed down Lake Wheeler Rd, the street that connects my neighborhood to downtown Raleigh. I was fairly centered from a few breathing exercises that morning, enjoying the cooler weather with my windows down, and cruising at about 35 MPH. The light at the upcoming intersection was green. I proceeded through when a silver Mercedes Benz cut his left hand turn right in front of me. I T-Boned him and he conveniently hit an NC State cop that was waiting at the red light at the other side of the intersection. I saw it coming, slammed my breaks, but hit anyway. My airbag deployed and purse and reusable shopping bags flew to the ground. My hands and arms were in a bit of pain. The airbag gave me some minor burns and bruises on my hands.

I immediately called Chuck, my best friend Lauren, and my mom. The cop on scene made me sit in the grass because I was visibly shaken. Everyone was so nice. The guy that hit me was only a few years younger than me and was super apologetic, checking on me a few times throughout. He admitted complete fault. I’m not mad at him. He made a mistake. I often say that we all make mistakes, some are just more expensive than others.

Cars were towed. Insurance companies were called. I was checked out at the ER. I was cleared to go home with a couple of scripts for pain management and muscle relaxers. The pain has been incredibly strange because it moves. One hour it’s in my arms, then my right shoulder, then my head, neck, low back, etc. The census seems to say that this is all normal for a collision like that.

I spent a good part of yesterday trying to be thankful. Thankful that no one was hurt. Thankful that safety ratings were such a high priority when I purchased my car. Thankful that my commitment to health and yoga has probably helped my ability to heal and minimize the pain. Thankful for my body and it’s natural ability to tolerate pain well. Most of all thankful that I have so many people that care about my well-being. The sincerity in everyone’s support has been humbling.

I write this post as a reminder to continue my feelings of gratitude. Today I have been in a bit more pain and feeling a bit more weepy. I know that the next few weeks will be aggravating, dealing with insurance companies, rental car companies, collision centers, hospitals, etc. I am sure that the feelings of gratitude will wear off a bit.


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