Complete a Back Walkover

I was never a great athlete as a kid. My brother was blessed with all of the hand/eye coordination in our family. However, I had a bit of talent as a young gymnast. There are plenty of pictures of me as a child doing cartwheels, the splits, and back walkovers. I loved it. While neighborhood kids were playing on swing sets, I was practicing tumbling. I remember adults making comments to each other about how they could never do that and how great it would be to have the flexibility of a child. I vowed that I would keep it up, that I wouldn’t be an adult that couldn’t complete these tasks.

When I created my 30 before 30 list, I knew I wasn’t too far away from a back walkover. A bridge is a common pose in yoga so it is one that I know I can do. I can also do camel and bow which are even deeper “opening” exercises. However, reaching for the ground from a standing position is something that I haven’t done in sometime. Oh, and in my growing age, I am increasingly afraid of heights. And yes, the ground, looking backwards, is a far distance.

In my last update, when I painted my Message in a Bottle, the girls became very supportive of my list and were interested in what else was on there. When two former cheerleading coaches heard back walkover, they were pumped to make that one happen. So, off we all went into the yard. I did a few stretches to prepare. Lauren spotted me on the first one. Then I was up. First attempt, I kicked up but not over. Very shortly after that, I was able to give it more power and completely kicked over. Yay! Now it wasn’t pretty. Not a lot of gold medals but not bad for a 29 year old, who hasn’t attempted one in 10ish years.

I think what I love about tumbling is that it reminds me how much strength and flexibility it takes. It also reminds you how much trust you need in yourself. This is what I lacked as a child. It was this fear that kept me from advancing in gymnastics. How ironic, since poses like these are suppose to relieve anxiety and depression. And I will admit that this completion did positively impact my self-esteem.

I am running very behind on my list. But, I can check off back walkover. Done.


4 thoughts on “Complete a Back Walkover

  1. Dear, can we agree it was your AUNT with a lot the hand/eye coordination?? And yes, I do have some of those pictures in your split pose! So proud of you as you cross off balk walkover! Keep crossing them off!

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