My Yogi Journey

I can still remember my first yoga class. It was about 9 years ago at a local Gold’s Gym. I didn’t know what to expect but I went with an open mind. I don’t completely remember the class but I remember the feeling after. I got in my car and remember singing along to Emotions, by Destiny’s Child. I felt so free and empowered. That was the first time that I experienced God talking to me.

Since then, I have made yoga a part of my life. I have had an on and off practice for 9 years. When I worked in the gym, I became certified in Body Flow, an infusion of yoga, pilates, and tai chi. It was a good experience, but it was choreographed and there wasn’t enough of my own spin. I have thought about becoming a yoga teacher for a long time but wasn’t sure if it would be a conflict of interest for me. I mean, yoga has been my prayer, my workout, my therapy. Did I want to blur the line? I finally decided that yes, I wanted to know more about this and lead from time to time. However, I want to lead in a specific way. I wanted it to be another therapeutic intervention. I want to be a therapist that uses yoga as a means to help with mental health concerns, like depression and anxiety. This was a way to separate my practice from my teaching.

So, in my goals of 30 things before my 3oth birthday, I decided that becoming a certified yogi would make the list. And so my yogi journey has begun. I did not fulfill a 200 hr RYT and the verdict is still out about whether I will, but I have a good framework for teaching safe classes. I have done so much of my own yoga reading, practice, and research, but who knows where this journey will go.

So even though I am having a bit of a holdup in the teaching department after this car accident, I am still happy to announce that I am a certified yogi and beyond privileged to share the gift of yoga to the world.

Become a certified yogi. Check!


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