A Life Less Complicated

My life has never been chill and relaxed. I don’t know why since that is something that I promote. I suppose that as a goal-oriented woman, I have never been able to live a life without goals to strive for. My advisor and supervisor in graduate school used to get so made at me. My final year in graduate school I decided to do my internship at two different locations, work two jobs, take my course load, and write a thesis (which was not a part of the curriculum). I negotiated this with them by saying that it was temporary. I only had to balance them all for a few months. Well, it seems that a schedule like that has been the norm, rather than the exception. I’m not sure why when it drives me crazy at times. I guess the answer is because I wouldn’t be satisfied with less either.

Needless to say, that is sort of how my life is now. A contract job (with lots of governmental changes), a new business, growing the business, planning a wedding, envisioning a family, home browsing, a car accident and subsequent health issues. You know, the small stuff. Often times, I am OK with it. It is what I need to do to get closer to the dream. Other times, I think it is all foolish. I often have thoughts about letting it all go and simplifying.

I think, let’s sell the house and all the belongings and head south (or further east). I’ll teach yoga, wake-up with the sound of the waves, and walk to wherever I need to go. In recent fantasies, surfing is included. However, my question to myself is why do I have to leave the country to simplify my life? Why isn’t it accepted to live that lifestyle if it is what I seek? Why can’t I accept it?

I recently finished a cleanse. You know, one of those things where you restrict your diet in order to jump start your metabolism or adjust the types of food you consume. I suppose that I look at a chance to live abroad as that same chance… a lifestyle cleanse. The opportunity to push the reset button. Do I need a reset button or just a good vacation? I think that all I am ready for is a little bit of ease. As much as I love goals and working toward something, I am ready to achieve and be. Yes, I am ready to just Be. I think I am ready for a life less complicated. Whatever that may entail.


2 thoughts on “A Life Less Complicated

  1. Well, I highly support anyone’s decision to move overseas. It is a rejuvenation process of sorts, as you said. But, inevitably, problems find us no matter where we are. Maybe that’s why I always seek a new adventure, a new vacation, and am constantly planning on the next trip I’ll take. That’s why I like what you said. I think the only way we’ll ever be happy is if we are happy where we are as we are. And if that means we need to change our location, what we do, or even who we are, than I think that’s something worth pursuing.

    • Oh Claire! I do think that it would be amazing. Then when I look into, I get a bit overwhelmed. Languages and visas and all of that. Who knows, though! Maybe we will be neighbors after all 🙂

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