When it’s Time to Take Drastic Measures

I once had a client tell me that she couldn’t get my voice out of her head. She told me, when referring to times that she was wanting to go overboard on something, “Then you would pop in with that damn Moderation word. Moderation, moderation, moderation…” Needless to say more, I often encourage balance and moderation.

However, there are times in our lives when we are further away from that balanced center. You know, those moments when we stop and say, “How did I get here?” Sometimes we are able to recognize it while it’s happening and make adjustments, and other times we just keep falling into the same ruts.

I just recently finished a diet cleanse. There are many out there, but I prefer Kathy Freston’s vegan cleanse. Her restrictions are no animal products, gluten, sugar, alcohol, or caffeine. She might as well take out sex and laughing too. Yes, it can be a bit of a transition (aka miserable) in the beginning. But it is this misery that shows me just how bad I needed it; I needed to detox my body of some of things like caffeine and sugar and to get away from being starving and full all of the time. I do this cleanse to “Push the reset button,” as I like to term it. You see, I have been working a lot (if I haven’t mentioned that yet in this blog) and was finding myself planning meals less, drinking more coffee, working out less, enjoying more wine and ice cream (it’s hot in NC). All that can be good and fine but I was constantly on a roller coaster, looking for a pick-me-up from my crashes. I was tired more, sleeping less, and generally feeling less productive. My mood was down. I needed to Stop and Start Over.

So often, we find ourselves in some sort of similar rut. We notice that our life is out of balance, maybe even continuing further out of balance and we need to push the reset button. However, this is rarely a popular decision, because just like in my cleanse, it is uncomfortable, and we will often be in denial. You see, it is like weight gain or an abusive relationship: It all happens so slowly over a long period of time that we didn’t even see it coming, but we have adjusted and compromised. We often tell ourselves, that it isn’t that bad and we can make some minor changes to get back on track. Sometimes that works, but rarely. Usually we tell ourselves that until it slips into the extreme danger zone and are forced to make some change. But realistically, isn’t taking drastic measures when it’s your choice, easier than doing it after you were forced into it?

So my vegan cleanse is definitely not a permanent switch. You all know that I will never give up cheese, wine, and ice cream, but I will restrict them temporarily for the greater good of me. My cleanse was just what I needed to stabilize my energy levels and lose a couple of pounds. I have been able to slowly work the other foods back into my diet. Since I saw myself at one extreme, I had to take drastic measures to shift closer into balance.

Is it time for you to take drastic measures?


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