Am I ready for 30?

This past weekend, I headed to High Rock Lake in North Carolina to celebrate with one of my best friends in the final weeks before her big wedding day. There is nothing like a weekend away with your girls to renew the spirit. It is also a great time to revisit your 30 Before 30 List and check off a few items.

Four of us from Raleigh headed to High Rock Lake on Thursday afternoon, a few more to follow. Thursday was the low-key night of grilling out and drinking wine on the covered patio. We woke Friday morning to lay by the lake, read celeb gossip magazines, and talk about everything from weddings to boys to old memories. High Rock Lake is gorgeous and it was so nice to relax and enjoy the scenery, the laughter, and the break from reality.

Friday night’s festivities were under my jurisdiction, so what better time than to cross off #11: High School throwback sleepover. Nothing quite like a girls only trip to already feel like the parents are out of town. My wheels were turning. Our night would include tacky PJ party, Boone’s Farm… errrr… yeah, sorry couldn’t go that far back, so homemade Sangria, a panty game, lingerie gift exchange, and a rockin game of Truth or Dare. The fun part about being a grown up is that you know what not to do most of the time. Like, for instance, you know not to drink Boone’s Farm. You also know that a game of Truth or Dare falls apart when someone can’t think of the question to ask or there is a dare that takes to long. So I came up with all of the questions in advance. It was filled with a ton of laughs! It was also filled with #4: Go Skinny Dipping. Check. It was dark. I was with my girls. And all excuses aside, it is such a liberating experience! It is nothing I am ashamed of, just something where I choose to practice a little modesty in the blog world. We closed the weekend off with an amazing wine tour in the Yadkin Valley. If you ever make it there, be sure to check out Junius Lindsay. Good wine. Great people. It is almost a bit of a shame that I have drink an expensive bottle of wine because I could have checked this one off too. Some of the most interesting and delicious wines under $20!

I look at the calendar and cannot believe that I turn 30 in 23 days. It was so much fun to spend quality time with fabulous women, some whom I’ve been  friends for years. We have grown up together in our 20’s which goes through as much growing up as your adolescent years. Now, we are getting married, having babies, buying houses. Some are a little more reluctant to the growing up part, more nostalgic for the good times had in years past.  But I am ready for all of the great things that my 30’s will bring: a wedding, babies, an established career and business, a new home, personal (and hopefully) financial security, love, companionship, more laughs, more learning, more growth. I have had some amazing times in my 20’s. I have learned a lot, both in school and about myself in real life. I have also had a lot of heartache, insecurity, shameful moments. Growing pains, I suppose. Of course my 30’s won’t make me immune to any of the aforementioned, but hopefully, each step I can learn a little bit more about what not to do, just like the Boone’s Farm.

Thirty? Wow. I think I got this!


One thought on “Am I ready for 30?

  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend getaway and needed R&R. My favorite part is the nude swimming after dark, because being daring at any age is priceless.

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