How Would You Spend Your Perfect Day?

I was recently asked, “How would you spend your perfect day without any monetary restrictions.” It came to me pretty easily. However, I had to stop and rethink it. My answer was so simple. Fairly boring. No monetary restrictions? Come on, I could do better than that! But when I tried to get elaborate, it didn’t fit. The only that would change is the location.

So this is my perfect day:

I would wake up at my leisure, probably between 6:30-7am, get dressed and head to a yoga class. Probably at least 90 minutes to would wake me up, work me out, and then allow for some reflection. I would head back home, have a healthy breakfast, probably fresh fruit and some variety of whole grains, then take a shower and get ready for the day. I would go shopping (here is where the lack of monetary restrictions would come in handy). Then I would meet one of my favorite girlfriends for a leisurely lunch. Probably entailing wine, cheese, a good salad, laughs, and no time restrictions. After lunch, I would grab a coffee and settle in for a nice pedicure. Relax, continue the conversation with a friend, or read solo. Then I would head home, freshen up (hopefully redress in something from previously mentioned shopping trip), grab my handsome fiance, go to dinner, and enjoy each other. Catch up, hold hands, sneak kisses. Finally, we would have the option to meet up for drinks with friends or head home and throw on comfy sweats. And that is it. That is my perfect day. Maybe without any money restrictions, I would do it all in Tahiti or Paris, but that sums it up.

So with much thought of how I want to spend my fabulous 30th birthday, that is what I have decided. I want to enter a new year, a new decade with my perfect balance of health and pleasure, friends and love, peace and company.

How would you spend your perfect day?



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