How to Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness. Being present in the moment. Living with Intention. It all means the same thing. It is simply the answer to all of your questions, worries, and stressors. So simple, yet so complicated. As minute as your breath and as complex and loving the unlovable.  So how do we practice this? Follow these simple steps to get you started.

1. Listen. Listen to your thoughts. Hear what you are saying.

2. Observe. Observe your emotions. Notice physiological responses. Gather observations through your five senses. Observe your judgments. Have the ability to observe without reacting.

3. Focus. Notice when your mind is pulling, pushing, or wandering and gently bring it back.

4. Participate. Respond fluidly. “Observe what is going well and kindly respond, how can I make it better?”

5. Practice doing one thing in the moment.

6. Apply the Seven Pillars.

Applying principles of diet and exercise are simply not enough to a healthy well-being. Mindfulness must be applied to practice patience, non-judgement and full awareness. How do you plan to be more mindful?


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