On Being Less Judgmental: A Pillar of Mindfulness

How are your judgments interfering with your relationship with yourself and others? Our judgments and our misunderstanding of what judgments are, is what can cause deep human suffering.

Judgement. This might be the #1 obstacle in building healthy relationships with ourselves and with others. We give a value to everything we see, label and categorize it as Good/Bad, Right/Wrong, Moral/Amoral, Black/White. Take a minute. How many issues in your life are causing you distress because of your personal assessment of Good vs Bad or Right vs Wrong? If it is not a fact, it is a judgement, an assessment, or an assumption.

How do we change this so that it doesn’t have a negative impact on having healthy relationships and loving ourselves? Mindfulness. We cannot change any behavior or thought until we are aware of it. Begin taking note of your judgments. Just notice them. Don’t push them away. Don’t follow them down the rabbit hole. Simply identify that that thought was a judgment and potentially causing distress. Don’t judge your judging.

In this moment of practice non-judgement is where we can see the situation as is, without suffering, without a negative meaning. It is here that you can give your own meaning. It is here where you can be your true self and one to admire.


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