Approach with a Beginner’s Mind

You know that feeling when you are pleasantly surprised? It might be when you return to a restaurant for an incredible meal after your first experience was a bust, maybe when you slugged into the gym and had the best workout in months, or the all-too-familiar scenario when one partner anticipates that the other hasn’t unloaded the dishwasher, yet again, walks in with a stink face but is greeted by a clean sink.  Do any of these scenarios sound familiar? Can you foresee how some of our predetermined assumptions could have negatively impacted the outcome of our event. We quite possible could have missed out on something great or started something terrible because of our forlorn conclusions.

I remember the struggles that I experienced with this when I was actively practicing hot yoga. For anyone that has not taken a Bickram hot yoga class, I will preface with each class is more or less the same. You are taken through a similar series of poses while sweating your butt off. I would go to the class and have expectations about what was next and how I should “perform” it. I found myself more critical and frustrated with myself when I would have “off” days. I would tell myself that it was the same routine and that I should be constantly getting better, rather than cheerleading myself for being present, increasing my flexibility, strength, and stamina, or allowing myself the time for practice.

Approaching each situation with a Beginner’s Mind is another mindful principal. You are able to approach each situation with intrigue and without the wherewithal to prejudge. You open yourself up to new possibilities- possibilities that we can either enjoy or learn from. It’s almost like approaching each event like a child- curious, without judgment, open to possibility.

Next time you find yourself approaching a situation that you would typically find less than desirable, try reproaching with a Beginner’s Mind.

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