“A Rose by any Other Name”… And Other Important Words

There are some people that have a deep affection for words and quotes. However, I am not one of them. It took me a long time to find value in the impressive meaning of others’ words and more importantly, the incredible significance in a word itself. There are a great deal of words in today’s language that have lost their relevance. There are arguments that by decreasing the sensitivity, then we decrease the power. Others say that by empowering the word, we dissociate from the meaning. The side you take is yours to choose. I choose my words by what it means to me and how it can be interpreted by you.

I have chosen few, select words in which to have a love affair. If you have known me since the age of 17, you know that my first mister was ‘adore.’ It bred from a beautiful song by my favorite artist of the time. Adore [verb] to love and respect someone deeply. Ahhh… love AND respect. That was the ultimate in my time; and still, pretty idyllic.

Some five years later the enchanting word, ‘Bliss’ became the most romantic word in my vocabulary (hence the supreme significance of Blissful Mind Wellness). You see my name is Brook and for years I hated the strong sound of the letter B. All words with ‘B’ were ugly to me. Then I discovered the sweet flow and lightness of ‘Bliss.’ Now you accompany this word by its most wonderful meaning, [noun] perfect happiness. This is obviously a temporary state because there is no such thing as lasting, perfect happiness. Nonetheless, what an amazing thing to strive for and dream of.

No word since then has made my short list. The word ‘integrity’ was dangerously close. I appreciate the meaning very deeply. However, the sound, the flow… it just never stuck. I have been wanting the word ‘patience’ to fully envelop me, but even if you have only just met me, you know this is not one of my purest virtues. Ugh.

However, there is one recent word that seems to flow within my soul. It has become one of my deepest values and a supreme part of my personal growth. Coincidentally, it is marked by our upcoming holiday. Gratitude. Come on say it with me. Gratitude [noun] the quality of being thankful. This seems a melodic combination of Grace and Attitude.

You see it is very easy and very common to talk about giving thanks. It is also easy to criticize others for not being grateful. However, it is more complex to embrace a Graceful Attitude. This is not only to demonstrate thanks in your own life and for all which you have been graced; this is also to demonstrate grace in all that you are; to be grace. Finally, it’s to be gracious for all that you don’t understand.

Happy Thanksgiving. May you experience adoration, bliss, and gratitude.